Priscilla Campos


Priscilla Campos has had a love affair with dance for over 30 years and is grateful for all the beautiful blessings it has brought into her life. Dance has afforded her numerous opportunities to travel and train in some of the most amazing cities in the world including Vancouver, New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Paris, Barcelona and St. Petersburg.

As a dancer, then teacher, turned studio owner and now dance mom and adjudicator, Priscilla has experienced every part of this art form and the business. She had prided herself in the heart to heart connections she has made with her students and colleagues and all they have achieved together from National Championships to international travels. When in New York City, Priscilla loves to train with Broadway Dance Centre, Steps on Broadway, Disney Performing Arts and Broadway Connection. Her passion for theatre dance grows each season as she loves taking classes under Al Blackstone, Diana Laurenson and Andy Blankenbuehler among others while also taking in the hottest new musicals!

Priscilla takes special pride in her alumni who have gone on to place with high standings at Nationals & World Dance Competitions, accepted into professional training programs in Vancouver, Toronto and New York, have booked video and television jobs, become amazing choreographers and teachers themselves and who have travelled the world with various cruise lines and work abroad professionally.

As a yogi enthusiast and energetic healer, Priscilla brings joy, peace, compassion and love to all her choreographic and adjudicating work and encourages each dancer to leave their fears behind and be proud of all they have accomplished to get to this part in their journey!

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