Assistant to Artistic Director

Abbygale Chung

Coach / Choreographer

Abbygale Chung has wholeheartedly dedicated herself to dance for the past twelve years. Training in ballet, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, jazz, modern and more. She has competed locally and internationally, in cities such as Las Vegas, Hawaii, Orlando, Seattle, and Los Angeles - mostly alongside NXG Company.

At the age of 15, she back up danced for Janet Jackson in Edmonton, co-starred in corporate commercials and founded her own nonprofit organization, For Kids by Kids. At 16, Abby created a competitive dance crew, directed and choreographed her first music video and received full training tuition scholarships from VIP Dance Events, Represent Street Dance Competition and Candance Calgary. At 17, she recently toured Europe with her brother, Alexander Chung, assisting him in Paris, Vernon, Groningen and Amsterdam.

Abby's ultimate motive is to be different, which is expressed through her movement quality. She strives for her classes to be fun, uplifting and a safe space for all, whilst challenging her students to their utmost potential.